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Welcome to PK!
Phoenix Knights is a Guild that bring U.S and Euro Players together. We are primarily a raiding guild and try to do as much content as possible.  We are here to have fun as well as meet new challenges. In order to have everyone in the same page we have set up rules of conduct.

Before making your application you need to fulfill the follwing :
  • All active characters must be willing to join the guild
  • All characters that would be brought to raids must have decent hp and decent equipment
  • Have grouped with members of the guild in the past
  • Be available at raid times
  • at least two level 20 character flagged for all raids
  • Be able to communicate in english
  • Melees are required to be able to do decent damage to all enemies (DR breakers,etc) and be able to manage your agro (tankers and non tankers)
  • Arcanes are required to have decent DC's/Spell pen  if you are build for CC and spell damage clikies/crit items as a damage dealer
  • Healers need to have decent sp (shroud sp item if possible or have planned to make one at some point) and actively trying to acquire bauble/ss ring/any sp regen item if you dont have them yet.

People must have 1 toon available for guild raids at all times

Raid days will be modified soon

Raid times are as follows :
Starting time 4 PM gmt +0
Ending time : when raids are over
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